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41Entertainment has secured exclusive, global, multimedia, animation rights to both the “Supernatural Academy” and “Supernatural Prison” book series. “The Supernatural Academy” is where shifters, vampires, magic users, and fey are educated. Where they are taught about their abilities, and how to function in the human world. Maddison James has been living in the human world inhabited by 5 races including Vampires, Shifters, Faerie (Fey), Magic User (Witches, Wizards and Sorcerers) and Demi-Fey (mermaids, centaurs, ogres, trolls, Pixies and Harpies).  Maddi is completely unaware she’s a supernatural.  But her locked away energy flares at times and accidentally alerted the supernatural schools to her presence. Eventually, one night, on her twenty-second birthday, Maddi is tracked down by one of them, informed that her powers will continue to grow and told she must learn how to control her abilities. Maddi thinks this is all insane and tries to escape, only to be dragged to the school against her will.  The all CG animation series will target females 16-34 years of age and launch in fall 2021.

CONTACT: 41 Entertainment LLC, Greenwich, CT, USA. Tel. 1-203-542-7310. Email:  Web:




Reed-MIDEM has announced that a double-bill of panels featuring top international showrunners plus a session on new practices in TV production will underline the focus on creativity at next month’s MIP Cancun Latin America content trade event. Leading creatives Chris Brancato and James Duff will hold a joint Masterclass on the role of the showrunner in international productions, while Fernando Rovzar , Director of Lemon Studios, Mediapro’s Content Director Juliana Barrera, and showrunner, director, and writer Daniel Posada will lead a discussion on how roles are evolving in the production sector from a Latin American perspective. The sixth edition of MIP Cancun, the only dedicated TV content market for Latin American and US Hispanic audiences, will take place November 20-22, 2019, with pre-opening on 19 November, at the Moon Palace Resort, Cancun, Mexico. ndow sales.

CONTACT: Reed MIDEM, Paris, France. Tel. 33-1-4662-1777. Fax 33-1-4662-1797. Web:


SPORTEL has announced that their next sport business rendezvous will take place in the USA. After a two-year absence, SPORTEL will be returning to Miami, March 3-6, 2020, with a brand new format. An additional day will be set aside for high-level conferences, themes of which will be announced in the near future. Please visit the SPORTEL website for further details.

CONTACT: SPORTEL, Monte Carlo, Monaco. Tel. 377-93-30-41-33. Fax 377-93-30-36-49.  Web:




Combining extreme suspense and international allure, “Women of the Night” is a provocative Dutch-Flemish-Croatian crime drama series, set in a world of high-class escorts and criminals. Women take center stage; they are strong, ruthless and attractive. With the metropolis Amsterdam, uncrowned cocaine capital Antwerp and the luxurious Riviera as backdrop, we tell the story of Xandra Keizer. Ambitious Xandra comes to her old friend Pamela’s rescue by organizing an event for her international high-class escort agency. After a successful evening, she gets drawn into Pamela’s world of sex, drugs and violence, a world she managed to escape with difficulty many years ago. She comes face to face with her criminal mother; the source of all her misery. Inevitably, Xandra starts a dangerous double life in which she tries to keep her husband and daughter out of the firing line (10 x 45’).   

 CONTACT: DFW International, Utrecht, Netherlands. Tel. 31-88-120-2020.  Email:  Web:     


In 13 fresh episodes of “Love It or List It,” premiering November 18, real estate expert David Visentin and design maven Hilary Farr will help fed-up families with lackluster houses make one important decision: are you going to love it or list it? The iconic ultimatum is a rallying cry for homeowners ready to make a change—either by staying in their existing home that Hilary remodels to accommodate their lengthy wish list or by opting for a new home that David finds to better meets the needs of the family. The popular series, which attracted more than 17 million viewers last season, continues to inspire viewers and fuel passionate debates about each episode’s possible outcome (13 x 60’).

CONTACT: Scripps Networks, Knoxville, TN, USA. Tel. 1-865-694-2700. Fax 1-865-690-9964.  Web:  



“Queens of Mystery” follows a perennially single female Detective Sergeant (Matilda Stone) and her three aunts (Cat, Beth and Jane), who are well-known crime writers that help her solve whodunit style murders as well as set her up on blind dates. In addition to her weekly murder investigations, Mattie is also preoccupied by the fact that her mother Eleanor disappeared without a trace when Mattie was three. The continuing mystery of Eleanor’s disappearance will haunt the central characters throughout forthcoming seasons (3 x 90’ or 6 x 45’).

CONTACT: ZDF Enterprises, Mainz, Germany. Tel. 49-6131-991-1601. Fax 49-6131-991-1612. Web:



Dandelooo, an awarding-winning boutique company dedicated to the development, production and distribution of original and ambitious animation, is currently co-producing the children’s animation comedy “Stinky Dog” for France Televisions.  Stinky Dog series presents the hilarious and hectic adventures of a maverick mutt and a flattened cat

CONTACT: Dandeloo, Paris, France. Tel. 33-9-72-64-46-01. Email:    Web:



“The Star of Andra and Tati” tells the breath-taking true story of two sisters, Andra and Tatiana, who as children were deported to Auschwitz during World War II.  Separated from their family, they were sent to a “Kinderblok” with their cousin Sergio. Their perseverance and vigilance coupled with the care of another sympathetic prisoner enabled the sisters to survive and were ultimately reunited with their parents in Italy! Andra and Tati’s story is intertwined with the experience of a modern-day school trip to that same concentration camp, which gives their lives and what they endured contemporary significance 75 years later (26’).

CONTACT: Federation Kids & Family, Paris, France. Tel. 33-1-84-17-65-28. Email: Web: 


Targeted at four- to eight-year-olds, “Super Shirofollows the adventures of Shiro, an ordinary-looking dog living with an ordinary looking family in Japan, who is in fact Super Shiro, a superhero dog. His mission is to secure mysterious bones that are said to have the power to rule the world. Can Shiro get to the mysterious bones before they fall into the hands of a mad-genius-and-evil dog? (48 x 5.5’).

CONTACT: TVAsahi, Tokyo, Japan. Tel.  81-3-3587-5247. Fax 81-3-3505-3539. Web:



PRISON EDUCATION                       

Lynn Novick’s “College Behind Bars” is a four-part documentary series that details the transformative impact of college in prison. The film, which premieres on PBS on November 25, is Novick’s directorial debut and is produced by Sarah Botstein and executive produced by Ken Burns, with whom Novick and Botstein have worked on films for decades, including “The Vietnam War,” “The War,” “Prohibition,” and others (4 x 60’).

CONTACT: Public Broadcasting Service, Alexandria, VA, USA. Telephone 1-703-739-5000. Fax 1-703-739-3889.


Ireland is a country that boasts a rich culture, diverse history and unparalleled natural beauty. But astonishingly, across the Emerald Isle, there’s a dark undercurrent of crime that casts a heavy shadow over society. In this documentary feature “Irish Gangsters: Faces Of The Underworld,” Bernard O’Mahoney returns to his home country to shine a light on the Irish underworld and with exclusive access to high-profile Irish gansters, he enters unchartered territory when he discovers that there may be more to these crimes than meets the eye. The best-selling true-crime author and former Essex gang member travels around the country to guide us through the workings of a dark criminal underworld with stories extreme violence, the effects of poverty, and ultimately, the devastating consequences (60’).

CONTACT: Looking Glass International, St. Andrews Beach, VIC, Australia. Tel. 61-3-5988-6947. Email:   Web:



“Riddle of the Bones: Gender Revolution,” a new “Terra X” documentary on historical gender roles, takes a look at archaeological research results that challenge what are still perceived as the traditional roles of men and women. The documentary from Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion is currently being shot on location in China, Germany, France, Great Britain and Sweden. The film is expected to be shown on ZDF in the spring of 2020; ZDF Enterprises is responsible for worldwide distribution. New palaeo-genetic and forensic methods are making it possible to examine archaeological finds without preconceptions. A skeleton from a grave in the Viking stronghold of Birka, for example, which was examined using DNA screening in 2017, turned out to be female, although the scientists had initially identified it as male on the basis of the grave goods—a warrior’s weapons, horses and accoutrement. The Lascaux cave paintings have also generally been attributed to male painters; however, three-quarters of the colored hand contours that Stone Age artists left on the cave walls were recently attributed to female persons by using the latest forensic methods (52’).

CONTACT: ZDF Enterprises, Mainz, Germany. Tel. 49-6131-991-1601. Fax 49-6131-991-1612. Web:

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