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SPORTEL has opened registration for the 30th edition of SPOTELMonaco, the sports media and technology convention, which will be held October 21-23. More than 3,000 attendees representing almost 1,000 companies from more than 70 countries are expected at this year’s convention. Events will include a boxing gala on October 20, and the 30th Annual SPORTEL Awards, to be held on October 22 at the prestigious Grimaldi Forum. A special early-bird discount registration rate is available until June 30.

CONTACT: SPORTEL, Monte Carlo, Monaco. Tel. 377-93-30-41-33. Fax 377-93-30-36-49.  Web:




A+E Networks® and JTBC, one of Korea’s leading media companies, have signed a strategic formats representation agreement. The deal was announced jointly by Edward Sabin, Executive Managing Director, International, A+E Networks and Mr. Jeongdo Hong, President, JoongAng Media Group. The deal signifies a major expansion of A+E Networks’ format catalogue and JTBC’s reach in the U.S. A+E Networks will exclusively represent the format rights to key programs from JTBC’s library catalog as well as upcoming lineup. The JTBC titles to be represented will be announced by both parties in the near future. The parties also expanded their current content cooperation efforts in Korea with plans to co-produce one Korean scripted drama and one documentary series. JTBC and A+E’s first co-production, a talk show featuring Korean pop icon, CL, is currently in production for a June 2019 joint premiere on Lifetime Korea and JTBC.  

CONTACT: A+E Networks, New York, NY, USA. Tel. 1-212-210-1400. Fax 1-212-210-9476. Web:


The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has announced that the JCS International Young Creatives Award Competition opens on June 12. The JCS International Young Creatives Award is a one-minute video competition designed to discover, recognize and foster young talent from around the world while creating a global conversation around peace. The competition is open to non-American Citizens, aged 18-29 (dual citizens are eligible), who may submit an original one-minute video on this year's theme "Stand Up For Peace." The competition closes on September 4, 2019, visit for further details. 

CONTACT: The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, New York, NY USA. Tel. 1-212-489-6969. Fax 1-212-489-6557. Web:




Riphagenis a World War II crime thriller, based on the life of Dries "Al Capone" Riphagen. This infamous Dutch criminal was a boxer, a smuggler, and a pimp, but most infamously a blackmailer who profited immensely from the war, by tracking, extorting and betraying Jewish people who were in hiding in Holland. In 1943 Riphagen joined the Henneicke Column, a group of investigators who exposed Resistance groups, and searched out Jews who had gone underground. He gained their trust, promising that their priceless belongings would be kept safe until the conclusion of the war. Riphagen imagined himself virtually untouchable, and he was, until a young police officer named Jan van Liempd began to track him down. This three-hour limited series, which stars Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, Kay Greidanus, and Lisa Zweerman, has a surprise ending. Riphagen was written by Thomas van der Ree and Paul Jan Nelisse. It was filmed in Dutch language and is available with English subtitles (3 x 60’).

CONTACT: Janson Media, Tappan, NY, USA. Tel 1-845-359-8488. Email:  Web:


People who want to transform their homes into short-term rental properties that are long-term money makers will love the new HGTV series “My House Is Your House.” The series, premiering on June 1, showcases a Nashville-based mother-daughter duo, Victoria and Teryn, and a San Diego-based husband-wife team, Ryan and Claire, who help clients transform unused areas of their homes or lackluster rental spaces into stunning vacation properties. Smart renovations and creative, multifunctional designs help increase nightly rates and inspire stellar online reviews—all while increasing home value. The duos know that the key to success is a perfect design plan that works for homeowners and renters. In Nashville, Victoria and Teryn attract tourists to renovated rentals with great curb appeal, pleasing layouts and convertible furniture that can accommodate extra guests (10 x 30’).

CONTACT: Scripps Networks, Knoxville, TN, USA. Tel. 1-865-694-2700. Fax 1-865-690-9964.  Web:



“Marrying Millions” follows six couples who are deeply in love and hoping to marry, but come from completely different worlds. Regular people are whisked off their feet and plunged into a high-end life of riches, extravagant experiences, and glamorous trips around the globe. While it may sound like a modern-day fairytale, it’s definitely not all champagne and caviar. On the road to the altar, the couples must try to bridge their vast differences and fit into each other’s alien worlds. Ten one-hour episodes have been ordered (10 x 60’).

CONTACT: A+E Networks, New York, NY, USA. Tel. 1-212-210-1400. Fax 1-212-210-9476. Web:



Based on the Children's Book "The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived" by Daniel Errico, “The Bravest Knight” follows Sir Cedric, now grown and married to Prince Andrew, as he recounts tales of his journey to his daughter Nia, who is training to become a brave knight herself. Directed by Shabnam Rezaei, the new series is groundbreaking for its inclusivity, featuring Nia, played by Storm Reid, who wants to be a Knight, a family with two Dads (T.R. Knight as Sir Cedric and Wilson Cruz as Prince Andrew), and for the first time in children's TV, a main character that is openly gay. The animated series boasts additional stars including Saturday Night Live's Bobby Moynihan as Grunt, the troll who lost his bridge and Teri Polo as Saylor. The star-studded cast also includes RuPaul as the Big Bad Wolf, Wanda Sykes, Steven Weber, AJ McLean, Jazz Jennings, Maz Jobrani and Christine Baranski, in the role of the Red Dragon (26 x 11’).

CONTACT: Big Bad Boo Studios, Vancouver, Canada. Tel. 1-604-688-6484. Email  Web:





“Mack & Moxy is a groundbreaking children’s series that introduces kids to important causes. Combining colorful 3D animation, live-action puppets, fun adventures, humor and catchy music, program teaches children—and their parents—life-long lessons of charity and compassion, while celebrating the joy of helping others. Celebrities like Josh Duhamel, Keegan-Michael Key, Dean Norris, Rachael Ray, Melissa Fumero, Eva LaRue, Matt Lucas, Hank Azaria and Kal Penn all lend their talents to make each episode of Mack & Moxy a special experience (12 x 13’).

CONTACT: Portfolio Entertainment, Toronto, Canada. Tel. 1-416-483-9773. Fax 1-416-483-6537. Web:


“Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty” is an animated mashup, character-driven comedy starring a little kitty named Felicity who one day gains magical and majestic powers. Part Rainbow, part butterfly, part unicorn and one-hundred percent kitty, Felicity goes on amazing adventures with her best friends across a fantastical world known as "Mythlandia” (52 x 11’).

CONTACT: Jetpack Distribution, London, UK. Tel. 44-020-3561-5881. Email: Web:





SEXUAL ASSAULT                           

American television's longest-running documentary series, POV,” has acquired the U.S. broadcast rights for “Roll Red Roll” by Nancy Schwartzman. The film will open the public broadcasting series' 32nd season, premiering on PBS on June 17, 2019. “Roll Red Roll,” which premiered at last year's Tribeca and Hot Docs Film Festivals, goes beyond the headlines to explore the Steubenville, Ohio, case where members of a small town's high school football team sexually assaulted a teenage girl. As the film unearths the complex motivations of both perpetrators and bystanders in this story, film reveals the “boys-will-be-boys” attitudes at the core of their behavior and the role adults played in suppressing the story (90’).   

CONTACT: Public Broadcasting Service, Alexandria, VA, USA. Telephone 1-703-739-5000. Fax 1-703-739-3889.


Shot in stunning 4K UHD, “Holy Places” is production of discovery and exploration. The series is not about religion, but rather an examination of the stunning architecture that has been erected to honor faith. See structures that have survived the centuries from the beginning of recorded times, and continue to instill awe and inspire new generations (52 x 30’). 

CONTACT: Global Telemedia Inc., Naples, FL, USA. Tel. 1-203-247-3888. Email:  Web:



“Riddle of the Bones: Gender Revolution,” a new “Terra X” documentary on historical gender roles, takes a look at archaeological research results that challenge what are still perceived as the traditional roles of men and women. The documentary from Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion is currently being shot on location in China, Germany, France, Great Britain and Sweden. The film is expected to be shown on ZDF in the spring of 2020; ZDF Enterprises is responsible for worldwide distribution. New palaeo-genetic and forensic methods are making it possible to examine archaeological finds without preconceptions. A skeleton from a grave in the Viking stronghold of Birka, for example, which was examined using DNA screening in 2017, turned out to be female, although the scientists had initially identified it as male on the basis of the grave goods—a warrior’s weapons, horses and accoutrement. The Lascaux cave paintings have also generally been attributed to male painters; however, three-quarters of the colored hand contours that Stone Age artists left on the cave walls were recently attributed to female persons by using the latest forensic methods (52’).

CONTACT: ZDF Enterprises, Mainz, Germany. Tel. 49-6131-991-1601. Fax 49-6131-991-1612. Web:

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