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SPORTELAsia featured a keynote speech given by Chatri Sityodtong, titled “How ONE Championship Became Asia’s Largest Global Sports Media Property In History.” Shown at left with SPORTEL CEO Laurent Puons, Sityodtong detailed how he escaped the clutches of extreme poverty growing up as a young boy in Thailand, graduating from Harvard, and eventually building the largest global sports media property in Asian history, ONE Championship. The talk centered on the specific role martial arts has played in his life and how it powered him through the most difficult times. Sityodtong is a highly-successful entrepreneur with vast experience in various businesses. His wealth of knowledge and expertise, as well as the values which he holds dear, provides a sensational combination of business-savvy and determination.

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Propagate Content has hired Laurie Girion as Executive Vice President, Non-Scripted Content, it was announced by Chairman and Co-CEO Ben Silverman and Howard T. Owens, Co-CEO.  Girion will report to Silverman and Owens, and will oversee creative development and production of Propagate’s non-scripted content. Girion will manage a team that includes Kevin Healy, who has been promoted to Sr. Vice President, Entertainment and BP Jenkins, Sr. Vice President, Development. Girion began her career as a screenwriter and movie producer, debuting two short films at the Telluride and Berlin Film Festivals. After a stint as a screenplay analyst for New Line Cinema, she joined MTV’s news and documentary department, where she produced shows for MTV’s “True Life” series, including then ratings record holder, “True Life: I am a Cheerleader.”

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Nippon TV’s popular quiz format “Ultimate Brain” is a scientific experiment edu-tainment program that pushes creative and spontaneous thinking abilities to the limit. Challengers split into teams and compete against each other to answer science-themed questions that are like nothing you’ve ever seen. To succeed, they need more than just smarts—intuition and rational thinking are the keys to victory (60’ format).

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Palomar and Federation Entertainment are co-producing “That Dirty Black Bag,” an eight-part drama (original title: “Quella Sporca Sacca Nera”). Series, created by Mauro Aragoni and co-written by Mauro Aragoni, Silvia Ebreul and Marcello Izzo, is currently in development. This western steampunk is an intense series which describes a savage, scorched and deserted world where resources are scarce and it’s a daily struggle for survival. There, two men and two worlds will collide in an epic clash. The series will be shot in English. Filming is scheduled for 2018 in Italy as well as other southern European countries (8 x 60’).

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Starring Courtney Love and Benito Martinez, “Menendez: Blood Brothers” is a feature-length film based on the true story, of Erik and Lyle Menendez who lived in an all-America life of luxury and privilege. When their parents were found gunned down in the living room of their picturesque Beverly Hills home, the world wondered why these seemingly sweet, highly educated boys would savagely kill their own parents. The only thing more shocking than the murder was their motive (120’).

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Offering spectacular entertainment, “Monte Bianco” follows eight celebrities as they face epic tasks and head-to-head duels on Europe’s highest peak. At a base camp 1,500m high, each celebrity is paired with an experienced alpine guide, who teaches them crucial climbing and mountaineering skills and important local knowledge. Daily missions, such as quartz hunting, sharpen their abilities. Whether they’re famous sportsmen, models, singers or actors the celebrities need bravery to pass the big weekly challenge: scaling a slippery ice-slope, or clambering down a crevasse. The weakest performers face an elimination race up ever-harder peaks. The last to reach the summit must leave. From the fourth episode, the game and base camp advances to 3,500m, where oxygen deficiency and freezing temperatures come into play. Who will win the final demanding ascent to the top of Monte Bianco? Non-hosted format (60’, 90’ or 120’). 

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C.T. Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession” follows C.T. Fletcher, the renowned power lifter and trainer turned motivational speaker, telling the story of how his troubled upbringing and encounter with death led him to push through all obstacles to achieve his dream of greatness. Growing up in an abusive home in Compton and antagonized by his strict, religious father, the one lesson Fletcher received from his upbringing was a mental focus and toughness that enabled him to build an illustrious career in body building. While depicting the struggles and success that lead him to the prized moment of opening his own gym, the film also features Fletcher as he works to motivate and support other fitness moguls and leading names within the industry such as wresting superstar Steve ‘Stone Cold’ Austin, Bill Goldberg and many more (90’).

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From swimming with the world’s largest predator in Dominica to diving on World War II wrecks in the South Pacific, “Descending” takes viewers on a journey exploring the submerged treasures of our planet with breathtaking beauty and life-threatening excitement possible on every descent. The program’s well-travelled hosts aim to awaken the adventurous spirit in all of us as they expose viewers to stunning environments and fascinating cultures around the globe. An aquatic adventure series for a new generation, Series is shot in stunning 4K by award-winning cinematographer Andre Dupuis and pushes the boundaries of existing camera technology (13 x 60’).

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Available in French and English, “Jackie Kennedy: Fighting for Civil Rights” is a brand new documentary looking at the former First Lady’s remarkable record on civil rights. From having her wedding dress made by a black designer to insisting on African-American soldiers as pall-bearers at her husband’s funeral, Jackie Kennedy used her influence to advance the cause of civil rights (52’, HD).     

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LORRAINE HANSBERRY                  

Part of the long-running series, “American Masters—Lorraine Hansberry: Sighted Eyes/Feeling Heart,” the first in-depth presentation of Hansberry’s complex life, using her personal papers and archives, including home movies and rare photos, as source material. The film explores the influences that shaped Hansberry’s childhood, future art and activism. On March 11, 1959, Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the Sun” opened on Broadway and changed the face of American theater forever. As the first-ever black woman to author a play performed on Broadway, she did not shy away from richly drawn characters and unprecedented subject matter. The play attracted record crowds and earned the coveted top prize from the New York Drama Critics’ Circle. While the play is seen as a groundbreaking work of art, the timely story of Hansberry’s life is far less known (60’).     

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An Arena Production, in cooperation with TVE, “See You Tomorrow, God Willing!” is a new documentary that follows seventeen elderly Spanish nuns as they roam the shadowy halls of their convent. Will their charitable and contemplative lifestyle survive after they're gone? A tender film with a surprising number of laughs as well as poignant moments (52’ or 62’).

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