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Reed MIDEM has announced that this year’s MIPTV will feature a keynote speech by Yang Weidong, president of Youku, Alibaba Media & Entertainment Group. As part of MIPTV’s overall “Creators in Demand” conference theme, Yang Weidong’s keynote will outline the necessity of continuing to provide a bridge between the internet and broadcast channels, and the need to create qualitative, brand-defining content. He will also share his company’s international partnership strategy aimed at strengthening Youku’s position as a leading multi-screen entertainment and media platform in China. As president of Youku, Alibaba Media & Entertainment Group, Yang Weidong has contributed to rebuilding the relationship between the internet and TV channels, and is leading Chinese online video into the era of well-made content. He has promoted the “ecologicalization” of cultural industries, the creation of “super series,” and the development of different types and brands of video. He was the first to put forward the model of integration of the “super variety show” and the internet variety show, and created the popular “MARS Intelligence Agency.” In his previous role as President of, he reshaped the company, turning it into a cultural brand among youth.

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The Telco Report is accepting program listings for our upcoming MIPTV 2018 edition. Please see our website for further details. The deadline for the MIPTV 2018 special edition is Friday, March 16, 2018; listing may be submitted directly to Please note that we publish year-round and that new program listings are welcome any time.

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The Best Shorts Competition is seeking entries for their avant-garde competition that strives to give talented directors, producers, actors, members of creative teams and new media creators the positive exposure they deserve. Honoring the achievements of filmmakers worldwide who produce high quality shorts, Best Shorts promotes the award-winning films through a press release to over 43,000 filmmakers, industry contacts and media/distribution outlets as well as five additional international media outlets. The deadline for entries is March 9, 2018; see their website for details.

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AMERICAN POETRY                        

Set to coincide with National Poetry Month, “Poetry in America” features Shaquille O’Neal, Cynthia Nixon, Frank Gehry, Bono and more exploring poems on subjects close to their heart in twelve visually stunning episodes. The new series aims to inspire Americans of all ages and bring communities together through poetry. The series includes in-depth conversations and poetry readings with celebrities, poets, and global figures, including U2 lead vocalist Bono, shoe designer Stuart Weitzman, former United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power, U.S. Senator John McCain, hip-hop recording artist/producer Nas, singer/songwriter Regina Spektor, The New York Times opinion columnist David Brooks, and more (12 x 60’).     

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Led by expert prosecutor and former defense attorney Marcia Clark, A&E’s new original docuseries “Marcia Clark Investigates The First 48” delves into some of America’s most shocking crimes that have remained unsolved or ended with controversial outcomes. Each two-hour episode will focus on a specific case and examine the first 48 hours after the crime to reveal new angles and unravel enduring mysteries. “Marcia Clark Investigates The First 48” will pour through controversial cases including: the death of Casey Anthony’s daughter Caylee; the murder of actor Robert Blake’s wife Bonny Lee Bakley; the disappearance of Drew Peterson’s wife Stacy; the shocking death of Federal Bureau of Prisons intern Chandra Levy; the fatal shooting of Run D.M.C member Jam Master Jay; the Billionaire Boys Club’s obsession with money and power that may have turned to homicide; and the suspicious death of Rebecca Zahau at the Spreckels Mansion. Clark’s years of experience both as a prosecutor and defense attorney allow her to see the important details that original investigators may have missed. She will sift through evidence presented in the case files, visit significant locations and conduct interviews with key players in an effort to uncover potential new leads. By looking at these cases through the lens of the critical first 48 hours, Clark will strive to discover the truth behind how and why these murders happened (10 x 120’).    

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“Fixer Upper: Behind the Design,” starring Chip and Joanna Gaines, will give fans a never-before-seen look at the coveted design secrets featured in “Fixer Upper.” Premiering on HGTV on April 10, each half-hour episode will air after its “Fixer Upper” companion episode. The new 15-episode series will highlight how Joanna creates breathtaking designs—from strategy to staging—in each stunning overhaul. Super fans of “Fixer Upper” can expect to see rooms that were not included in original episodes of the series (15 x 30’).     

CONTACT: Scripps Networks, Knoxville, TN, USA. Tel. 1-865-694-2700. Fax 1-865-690-9964.  Web:



“Bat Pat” is a spooky animated adventure-comedy that proves the supernatural isn’t always evil—just misunderstood. Bat Pat is joined by Silver siblings: Rebecca, Leo and Martin, and a range of lovable creepy characters. Together with their winged companion, who has a terrible memory for supernatural facts with a keen nose for nocturnal mischief, the four best friends work to help the quirky “Fogville” town dwellers to unravel the mysteries of the scary creatures that lurk about. Balancing comedy and action, the series is a spooky sitcom that maintains the fast paced quirky character humor of a traditional comedy mixed up with some unexpected adventures (52 x 11’).

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“School of Roars” helps children prepare for school life by exploring a child's first year through the relationships and experiences of some colorful mini monsters. Because they’re monsters, our little heroes go to school at night, led by teacher Miss Grizzlesniff. The class learn lessons on how to be monsters, like counting the legs on spiders in math, how to howl at the moon in music, or making delicious blushberry blob cakes in cooking. The monsters experience life-lessons through their adventures such as caring, sharing, friendship and fun, mirroring the social and emotional behavior and group dynamics of our audience who are starting school (52 x 7’).

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Floogals, Series Two” is a further 52 eleven-minute episodes, based on an original idea from Dan Good and co-produced by Nevision, Zodiak Kids Studios and Universal Kids with UK special effects studio Jellyfish Pictures. This innovative mix of photo real CGI, and live action is unique in preschool television. Fleeker, Flo and Boomer are pocket-sized alien adventurers on a mission to observe, experience and detail the new and exciting world around them—Planet Earth! Arriving in their spaceship with a bump from the distant planet Floog, the Floogals are on a mission to document everything around them in the peculiar world of “hoomans.” While trying to keep their presence a secret, the innately inquisitive Floogals discover the wonders of our big, exciting and sometimes baffling world as we see it from their tiny perspective—four inches off the ground (52 x 11’).

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“The Chinese Exclusion Act,” a two-hour film for national broadcast on PBS during the 2018 season, will explore in riveting detail this little known, yet deeply resonant and revealing episode in American history—one that sheds enormous light on key aspects of the history of American civil liberties, immigration, and culture—during one of the most formative periods of U.S. history.  On May 6th, 1882 – on the eve of the greatest wave of immigration in American history, President Chester A. Arthur signed into law a unique piece of federal legislation. Called the Chinese Exclusion Act, it singled out by name and race, a single nationality for special treatment: making it illegal for Chinese laborers to enter America on pain of imprisonment and for Chinese nationals ever to become citizens of the United States (120’).     

CONTACT: Public Broadcasting Service, Alexandria, VA, USA. Telephone 1-703-739-5000. Fax 1-703-739-3889.

LIONS OF THE DESERT                  

Following up on the original documentary, “Vanishing Kings—Lions of the Namib II, The Musketeers Legacy” tracks the progress of five young lions. In the ancient Namib Desert, a young adult male lion roams across the desolate, barren plains. He has ended up in a place far away from home and is desperate to find his brothers, who went missing a few days ago. Wandering through the desert all alone, he has just started the journey of a lifetime. Will he find his brothers? Will they reunite? Part II of the story about the “Five Musketeers” follows them on their dangerous first steps as adults (52’).   

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“The Crater” is a startling documentary that tells the story of a former Australian conscript, long-burdened by the horrors of combat during the Vietnam War, and how he attempts to atone for his part in the bulldozing of North Vietnamese enemy soldiers into a mass grave during the war. Film describes in vivid detail how the protagonist returns to Vietnam to dig for the bodies of those old enemies to lay the ghosts of his past to rest, so that he can somehow deal with his nightmares and the post-traumatic stress with which he has suffered for almost five decades (60’).   

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