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The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has announced that the 48th International Emmy Awards competition is on schedule and moving towards the annual Gala in November. However, due to the virus, Semi-Final Round of Judging events, which determine what programs will be nominated for the International Emmy Awards, will mostly take place online. The 48th International Emmy Award Nominees will be announced late September and awards will be presented on November 23. The International Academy is exploring and working on various configurations for its November Gala celebrations, with an in-person component, should circumstances permit.

CONTACT: The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, New York, NY USA. Tel. 1-212-489-6969. Fax 1-212-489-6557. Web:




Martha Stewart, the Emmy® Award-winning television personality, trusted lifestyle expert and The New York Times bestselling author of more than 96 titles, is ready to bring her gardening and culinary star power directly to HGTV and Food Network audiences this year. “Martha Knows Best,” a new HGTV series, is tentatively scheduled to air in 2020 and will feature Martha as she completes outdoor projects on the to-do list for her Bedford farm. Over on Food Network, planning is underway for Martha to return to the Chopped judges’ table as well as headline a holiday-themed series.

CONTACT: Discovery Networks, Silver Spring, MD, USA. Tel. 1-240-662-5900. Fax 1-240-662-1986. Web


Four months prior to the SPORTEL Monaco Convention and SPORTEL Awards, Laurent Puons, CEO of MONACO MEDIAX, confirms that both events will be held as planned, October 25-28, 2020 at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco. In order to guarantee an optimal reception of participants and the public next autumn, the organizing teams of SPORTEL and the Grimaldi Forum are working together, ensuring that the necessary arrangements are made, in compliance with the governmental preventative health measures in force. To date, the Grimaldi Forum has provided its clients with precise guidelines describing the hygiene and social distancing measures as well as gesture barriers recommended and/or to be applied during the events, such as temperature measurement at the entrance of the congress center, compulsory wearing of a mask, providing hydro-alcoholic gel and complete cleaning and disinfection with virucide.

CONTACT: SPORTEL, Monte Carlo, Monaco. Tel. 377-93-30-41-33. Fax 377-93-30-36-49.  Web:



The long-running public affairs series AMERICAN EXPERIENCE will feature “The Vote,” a new four-hour, two-part documentary series that tells the dramatic story of the epic—and surprisingly unfamiliar—crusade waged by American women for the right to vote. Focusing primarily on the movement’s final decade, the film charts women in America as their determined march to the ballot box illuminates the myriad social, political and cultural obstacles that stood in their path. “The Vote” delves into the controversies that divided the nation in the early 20th century––gender, race, state's rights, and political power—and reveals the fractious dynamics of social change. Narrated by Kate Burton, “The Vote” features the voices of Mae Whitman, Audra McDonald, Laura Linney and Patricia Clarkson.

CONTACT: Public Broadcasting Service, Alexandria, VA, USA. Telephone 1-703-739-5000. Fax 1-703-739-3889.


“Planet Eat” is available as a standalone, linear or VOD Channel, with 100's of episodes available to license, with more episodes being produced. The “Planet Eat” channel and library will bring your viewers some of the best talent from the culinary world. From up-and-coming chefs, to professional masterclasses from leading culinary schools, it's all your channel's lifestyle needs, under one roof.  More than just your traditional food content, the library also has episodes and series featuring skills in food, photography, styling, writing, business and branding (various, 4K HDR).

CONTACT: Behr Entertainment Ltd., Airmont, NY, USA. Tel. 1-845-368-1281. Fax 1-845-369-8219. E-mail


Global Telemedia is offering a wide variety of holiday programming for Christmas, including “St. Nicholas: The Real Story.” Everybody knows the story of Santa Claus, the red-suited figure who lives at the North Pole and distributes gifts to good children every Christmas eve. But is there any historical evidence on which this jolly old character is based? Was there a real Santa Claus? To answer that question, host Mark Wilson, a distinguished historian and archeologist travels not to the North Pole but to modern day Turkey and Italy. There he uncovers clues that lead to the truth about the man behind the legend (55’).

CONTACT: Global Telemedia Inc., Naples, FL, USA. Tel. 1-203-247-3888. Email:  Web:


“Magellan—Circumnavigating the World” is a 50-minute special from documentary think tank Terra X. 500 years ago, the Portuguese captain Ferdinand Magellan and his men set sail on behalf of the Spanish crown on one of the greatest seafaring adventures in history. At the time, their journey around the world was comparable in importance to space travel in the 20th century. For the first time it was possible to see the true size of our planet. The original goal of the expedition was completely different. The film follows in the footsteps of the expedition around the world, to Indonesia, Patagonia and Spain. In elaborate re-enactments on the sea-worthy replica of the legendary ship Victoria, viewers experience the trials and tribulations of the crew up close, gain detailed insights into the last dramatic days of the expedition and learn from the example of a fascinating shipbuilding project how the people in 1500 managed to build sailing ships that were able to travel over 60,000 miles (50’). 

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