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Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon TV) has announced that the company has established AX Entertainment, Inc., a new eSports subsidiary company that will create its first eSports team AXIZ, a multi-gaming team comprised of professional gamers from various genres. The first competition will be card games where the team will participate in RAGE Shadowverse Pro League, a professional online card game battleground. In addition, the company will also debut its first 50-minute eSports show eGG ("eSports Good Game") which will feature top professionals, as well as the latest news on the world of eSports.  The show will present everything worth knowing about the exciting field in an easily understandable fashion. The show is available as a finished program for international sales (weekly 50’). 

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The Telco Report is accepting program listings for our upcoming SPORTELMonaco and MIPCOM editions. Please see our website for further details. The deadline for both special editions is Friday, September 17, 2018. Please note that we publish year-round and that new program listings are welcome any time. Listings may be submitted via email to; further details are posted here.

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PBS will premiere “Voices of the Sea” on September 3, 2018 as part of their long-running documentary series “POV.” Torn between finally fulfilling her dreams and caring for her husband and children, a young mother weighs the hope and promise of leaving Cuba against the heartbreaking pain of separation. Ostensibly, this film is a love story: between husband and wife and man and country. This lyrical portrait of contemporary Cuban realities gives an intimate, meditative glimpse into a family’s dynamic way of life in “Voices of the Sea” (60’).

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Part reality competition, part social experiment, “Hungry 9” features one goal and nine desperate aspirants, engaging in countless mind games to eliminate the others and be the only winner. In a locked room, they have 24 hours to determine “the one” or else all nine leave empty-handed. True characters are revealed through tears, collusion, and betrayal in this brand new social experiment format. Witness democracy at its most extreme (60’ format).

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High-stakes house flips, dilapidated properties and major design overhauls are just a few of the challenges that expert home renovators Bristol and Aubrey Marunde will tackle in the sophomore season of HGTV’s hit series “Flip or Flop Vegas.” Premiering on March 15, the 13 half-hour episodes will follow Bristol, a builder, and Aubrey, a real estate agent and designer, as they use smart home improvements and a dash of Vegas-style glamour to transform rundown desert properties into beautiful family homes. More than 15 million viewers watched Bristol and Aubrey during the first season.  In the season premiere, Bristol and Aubrey will return to the neighborhood that launched their flipping careers to find their next flip—a dingy three-level home with an odd layout and an awkwardly placed staircase. The enterprising duo will create an open concept in the main living area, upgrade the existing kitchen and add custom stair railings to give the home an industrial glam overhaul. The results make the home seem more spacious and modern with fun colors, finishes and accents (13 x 30’).    

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“Tabula Rasa” is a nine episode psychological thriller starring Veerle Baetens who plays Mie, a young woman with amnesia. Locked up in a secure psychiatric hospital Mie was the last person to be seen with a man who has since disappeared. As both a witness and prime suspect, she holds the key to solving this mysterious case. To prove her innocence, Mie must confront and recover her recent past but the more she remembers, the more she starts to mistrust not only the people around her, but also… herself. Produced by Caviar Films, “Tabula Rasa” will premiere on Channel 4 in the summer with the whole of the series immediately available to view on All 4 (9 x 50’). 

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“Super Wings” follows the adventures of an adorable jet plane named Jett who travels around the world delivering packages to children. On every delivery, Jett encounters new problems that he must solve with the help of his friends the Super Wings: Dizzy, Jerome and Donnie. Together, the team explores different countries and learns the diversity of new cultures (52 x 12’).

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Big Bad Boo Studios is developing a new digital original series with CBC Kids. Judge Jodhi follows the adventures of 12-year-old Jodhi, who, every day after school set ups a mock court in her backyard and hears neighborhood cases.  The animated series uses humor and situational misunderstandings to interest kids in current affairs, the rule of law, justice, societal norms, and critical thinking. The cast of characters is varied and diverse and represents the values and mission of Big Bad Boo. 

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“The Moblees is a live-action interactive musical adventure series for kids aged three to five years that integrates a holistic approach to healthy active living, including non-sedentary behaviors, physical activity and nutrition. Dedicated to promoting healthy and active living among children, the whimsical world of “The Moblees is comprised of colorful sets, upbeat songs and infectious dance moves. Featuring fun moves, memorable music and catchy lyrics, the series stars five loveable characters who overcome obstacles through teamwork and movement. Series aims to provide early intervention strategies to reduce childhood obesity and to inspire a foundational change in the way children and their families move through their daily lives (50 x 11’).

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Available in French and English, “Jackie Kennedy: Fighting for Civil Rights” is a brand new documentary looking at the former First Lady’s remarkable record on civil rights. From having her wedding dress made by a black designer to insisting on African-American soldiers as pall-bearers at her husband’s funeral, Jackie Kennedy used her influence to advance the cause of civil rights (52’, HD).     

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After his Triple-Crown victories, the great Secretariat raced one more time, on October 28, 1973. “Secretariat: Big Red's Last Race” is a short film telling the story of the great champion's very last race at Woodbine Racecourse in Toronto, Canada. Featuring interviews with Secretariat's owner Penny Chenery, groom Eddie Sweat, trainer Lucien Lauren, and jockey Ron Turcotte. Watch the legendary racehorse meet his final challenge (24’).

CONTACT: Janson Media, Tappan, NY, USA. Tel 1-845-359-8488. Email:  Web:



A coproduction of Pre TV, Filmproduktion, ORF, CCTV 10, CICTV, ZDF, ARTE and ORF-Enterprise, “Sky River of the Himalayas” (“Brahmaputra—Himmelsfluss aus dem Himalaya”) is a spectacular new three-part documentary focusing on the world’s highest major river, the Brahmaputra. Shot in 4K UHD, Series explores the stunning bio-diversity as it follows the river’s course from high in the Himalayas, through the world’s longest, deepest gorge, to its confluence with the Ganges and the world’s greatest river delta (3 x 52’).

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